Free verse

Photo by Sofia Holmberg on Unsplash

Sun-soaked sluttish and slovenly,
slick stealth of summer,
removing clothes
and energy for inhibitions

Slight movements to beckon
sweet breezes, bring better moods.
Barefoot memory pads
from siesta to evening’s welcome…

A little cooler, scented, reclined,
scant thoughts, no sheets,
naked breaths, night heated
endearments stick to flesh



Aug 18, 2022

a tiny dog tale

It’s hard to say ‘Good morning’ with a stick in your mouth, but Bee manages…

The dog and I are trying to find reasons to be thankful daily. It’s funny that we forget to just see that in each other, while we fight over tree parts.


Bee is thankful for

the stick found on empty beach

at summer’s ending



Syllabic Verse

The Sea

Lit Up Summer Holiday Prompt

Photo by Thomas Vimare on Unsplash

She lies flat.
Exhausted by the heat,
no energy to resist the

fat bathers,
swishing her like a breeze,
causing ripples, she feels their to

and fro’ as
they ebb and flow for her
sweet eddies dream summer away

as children
squeal, fingers turn…



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